Didier HOCH: Chairman : Chairman of the Supervisory Board Pherecydes Former Chairman of the Sanofi Pasteur MSD

Prof. Thierry GUSTOT : Directeur Médical de la Transplantation Hépatique – Hôpital Erasme, Bruxelles, Belgique; Editor of J. Hep. Reports

Maryvonne HIANCE: VP Business Development : Co-Founder Vice Chairman of the Board and Director for Public Affairs of OSE immunotherapeutics, President of the « HealthTech Investor Days » committee and Vice Chairman of France Biotech

Tuan Huy NGUYEN (PhD): CEO and CSO : Co-Founder, Former researcher at INSERM, Expert in the field of liver cell & gene therapy and regenerative medicine

Michel COIGNARD VP Finance: Co-Founder, Former CFO Alcatel, General Foods, Trailer

Anne WEBER-BENAROUS (PhD) Former Director INSERM unit Pioneer in stem cell-based liver therapy, Coordinator of Liv-ES and Innovaliv European FP7 projects (2008-2014)

Prof. Didier SAMUEL: Dean of the Paris Sud Faculty of Medicine, Director of the Inserm Unit 1193, Paul-Brousse Hospital, Centre Hépato-Biliaire, Villejuif, France

Prof Alberto Sanchez-Fueyo MD-PhD, Academic Head of Liver Sciences : King’s College London, Expert in Liver Immunotherapy and Transplantation, ORCID 0000-0002-8316-3504

Prof. Faouzi SALIBA Prof. Hepatology : Hepatologist and Transplant critical care intensivist, Coordinator of FULMAR trial

Prof. Thierry GUSTOT: Head Liver Transplant : Erasme Hospital, Bruxelles, Belgium, Editor of J. Hep reports

Marc PESCHANSKI: Founder and former Scientific Director of I-Stem, Director of the Stem Cell Institute for the treatment and sudy of monogenic diseases.



L. Nguyen: Business development : , CEO Bionure, Former CEO of Sensorion

L. Selig: Business development : CEO CYTOO, co-founder of Hybrigenics

D. Franco : clinical development co-founder, VP of the French National Academy of Surgery, former Head visceral surgery unit, former ANSM expert

JC. Duclos-Vallée : clinician collaborator : CHB Paul Brousse Hospital (Villejuif), coordinator of RHU iLite

A.Dubart-Kupperschmitt: scientific collaborator : U1193 INSERM, Leader of Stem cell and Liver Team

L. Vallier: scientific collaborator : Cambridge University, expert in pluripotent stem cell